Dive sites Tenerife

Dive sites Tenerife

Dive sites Tenerife

Tenerife has a huge amount of stunning dive sites, no matter if you are a novice or experienced diver due to the variety in abundant marine life and a beautiful volcanic scenery every dive gives you as diver a new experience and the wish to explore more.

The dive sites what we visit are chosen according certification and meteo. conditions. There are dive locations from the shore and by boat. For those locations who are accessible by boat we will use our dive RIB.


Some of the dive sites we visit, you can use the links for more information and/or photos.

dive locations TenerifeCrique Odette

cave TenerifeCueva de las Morenas

Roncadores del Palm-Mar

wreck diving TenerifeEl Condesito

El Puertito


El Meridian

Roca Julia

El Penon

Cita del Mar


Galletas – Roncadores

Manchas Blancas

Cueva del Zorro


El Faro de los Roncadores

El Balito

Cueva de Los Cerebros


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Dive sites Tenerife

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Some facts:


Water temperature in the summer period goes to 24 degrees and in the winter around 19 degrees.

Visibility from 10 to 30+ meters with a average of 20+ meters

Diving on Tenerife is all year round, the South of the island is not so much effected by the weather. If the wind or current is a factor than we just choose another location.

Tenerife has a abundant marine life like, angel sharks, wrasse, turtles, sea horse, various rays, octopus, moray eels, cuttlefish, barracuda, trumpet fish, trigger fish, roncador, dolphins, garden conger eel, arrowhead crab, nudibranch, juwel anemone, shrimps, starfish, scorpion fish, groupers and many more…


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