FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

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What are your requirements to participate in diving activities?

To participate in our guided dives, as a diver you need to bring a valid ID, dive certification, logbook.

According the law in the Canaries you must have a dive insurance, like the ones what DAN – Divers Alert Network offer.

You will be required to fill out at the dive center a:

Statement of Risk and Liability form

Standard Safe Diving Practices Statement of Understanding form

Medical Statement form stating that you have no medical condition which would prevent you from diving. If you have such a medical condition then a medical certificate signed by a doctor will be required.

Download: Medical Statement

Is there a minimum age limit for diving in Tenerife?

Aquarius use the standards from PADI and they comply also with the law from Tenerife.

For Bubblemakers minimum age is 8 years and for scuba diving courses it starts from 12 years.

How do i book a diving course or dive - package with you?

In the menu under “PRICES” you will find booking forms what you can use.

Or you can go to our contact page and use one of the available options to contact us.

If you are already on Tenerife, just pay us a visit and we discuss directly about the details.

Do i need my own dive equipment or can i rent from your dive center?

It’s always good when you can dive with your own dive equipment but we offer also the possibility to rent from us (full) dive equipment.

See here the equipment rental prices

How many dives a day do you offer?

2 dives a day and we offer the possibility for a 3rd (Night dive).

The booking for a night dive is only possible at the dive center.

Do you offer your services for diving groups and clubs?

Also for small groups, clubs we offer our service, contact us for the details and group, club prices.

I'm alone, can i still go diving with you?

That’s no problem, during our dives there is always a guide so you will never dive alone.

The dives you make are they from boat or shore?

We offer shore dives but most of the dives are made with our boat.

The boat is a offshore RIB designed for diving and equipped with oxygen, First Aid and all the required safety and navigation equipment.

What is the average water and land temperature in Tenerife?

The water temperature is around 19 degrees in the winter and 24 degrees in the summer period.

Land temperature is around 20 degrees in the winter and 28 degrees in the summer period.

Coldest period is from December to March and the warmest period from May to October.


land water
January 22 20.5
February 22 19.5
March 23 19.5
April 23 19.5
May 24 20.5
June 25 21.5
July 28 22
August 28 23
September 28 24
October 27 24
November 25 22.5
December 23 21


What suit you recommend for diving?

In the Summer period you can dive with a 3 to 5mm suit while in the winter period a full 5 to 7mm suit is recommended.

What is the average underwater visibility in Tenerife?

The visibility is very good and it goes in a range from 10 to 30 plus meters with an average of over the 20 meters.

When is the best period to dive?

All year round, the South of the island is not so much effected by the weather.

If the wind or current is a factor than we just choose another location.

Can i pay in Euro's?

Yes, Tenerife is in the EU and the currency is the Euro.

Do you accept credit cards?

Yes, we accept credit and debit cards from Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, and UPI.

What is the time zone for Tenerife?

Tenerife has the GMT – Greenwich Mean Time, same as in the United Kingdom.

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