Discover Scuba Tenerife

15 August 2016
Give discover scuba Tenerife a try!

Discover scuba Tenerife is not a course. It is a one time guided dive experience in the crystal clear waters around Tenerife.

During this introduction “discover scuba Tenerife” you can discover the fascination of diving with compressed air.

4 top reasons to try Discover Scuba Tenerife with Aquarius dive center:

1: Crystal clear Atlantic water

2: Abundant marine life with the change to see turtles, stingrays, banks of Rancadora’s, seahorses, etc.

3: Warm comfortable water

4: Our experienced staff will make together with you, your Discover Scuba Tenerife dive a unforgettable experience, no stress and loads off FUN!


At Aquarius dive center the Discover Scuba Tenerife is possible for everyone with a minimum age of 10 years.


Program Content

A short theory explanation about the basic knowledge of diving with compressed air. Explanation about the equipment you will use.

Together with your instructor you will assemble your scuba dive equipment.

Under professional guidance you will make your first underwater breathing’s. We do some small exercises and you get enough time to enjoy the fascinating underwater world of Tenerife.

Back at the dive center attention will be given on the re adjustment of the used dive materials.

The complete program takes approximately 4 hours.

What does it cost?

The Discover Scuba cost, € 59  Included Taxes and:

Theory explanation

1 Scuba dive

Dive equipment rental

Tank filling

Adventure and FUN


For this dive experience you need your own swimsuit and a towel.

Ready to give it a try? Contact us or give us a visit!


Harry Bakker | Aquarius dive center – Tenerife