El Penon wreck Tabaiba

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Name: El Penon

Type: Tug Boat

Length: 35m


Sinking date:  08-2006


Built at:

Reason sinking: Scuttled as artificial reef

Location: Tabaiba, Tenerife

Depth:  20 till 32m | more info and photos


The tug “El Canarias” tow Penon to here final resting place, she list approximate 40 degrees to starboard side.

She had 49 years of active service in the port of Santa Cruz.

In fact the Penon sunk 3 times, helping the ocean liner “Canberra” to dock and while re-floating she sunk again..

El Penon is a wreck what is included in the WMP – Wrecks Mapping Project, more info about WMP.


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El Penon wreck dive Tenerife
El Penon wreck Tabaiba Tenerife
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