dive equipment maintenance

Dive equipment maintenance

Scuba equipment maintenance | With more than 25 years of experience and trained by the dive equipment manufacturers we have been specialized in scuba equipment maintenance and repair.

Scuba equipment maintenance is more than only rinsing your dive equipment, especially internal cleaning, components replacing and adjusting is a procedure which must be carried out regarding the brand(s) specification.

In spite of the external simplicity of most of the dive materials is it the trained specialist who must look after the equipment maintenance!

Think of guarantee, use of original components, special tools, etc.

For serious maintenance and repair activities Aquarius dive center is the right address.

scuba equipment maintenance

A customers comment – Darius Popa

The most important feature of your new regulator is the person who services it!


Regulator adjustment will be done according factory specification with professional test equipment.

We give a 3 months guarantee on the maintenance unless differently mentioned.

Exclusively original components are used and the replaced components are given to the owner (however, o-rings etc. are cut through) services occur according to the brand standards and if necessary special tools will be used to avoid damage on your equipment.


Visit or contact us about advice, duration, cost etc.

Dive equipment maintenance


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