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  • IANTD Wreck Diver

  • 465

  • Free pick-up
  • 4 days - 4 dives
  • 1 confined water session
  • Wreck diver theory
  • Dry runs and field drills
  • Min. Advanced Open water diver


IANTD Wreck Diver Course

When you choose to do your IANTD Wreck Diver course here, with Aquarius Tenerife, you are guaranteed more than 2 decades of experience in this course. Our course promises standards that can only come with that type of experience.

Who gives the wreck dive training?

The course takes place over a minimum of 4 days. It consists of 4 open water dives under the tuition of IANTD Wreck Dive Instructor Harry Bakker, who has been diving and teaching since 1990. His main passion is wreck diving and the related techniques involved.

IANTD technical diving training Tenerife

Some of Harry´s main achievements were the discovery of multiple wrecks in the Black Sea, one of the high lights being the discovery and identification of the Russian submarine SC-213 which sunk the Jewish refugee ship “Struma” killing over more than 700 people. An important piece of history to discover and map out.

During the past 2 decades he has carried out many wreck dives over hundreds of sites, mainly in the Northern Hemisphere under harsh conditions. This makes Harry ideally suited to teach this specialty course.

An insight into all this, and drawing on his experience, will be an added extra for anyone doing the IANTD Wreck Diver course with us.

The course teaches the diver theory, skills and procedures needed to safely, and competently, dive in the overhead environment of a wreck.

The main emphasis of this program is on developing self-sufficiency and safety whilst undertaking this type of diving. This knowledge is gained through a combination of theory and in water skill development.



Requirements for the IANTD Wreck Diver course:


Must be Advanced Open Water Diver qualified or equivalent

Proof of a minimum of 10 logged dives or sufficient experience to satisfy the instructor that
the student has the ability and knowledge to continue into this level of training

Must be able to demonstrate proper buoyancy and trim

Before commencing the course there is a confined water session for evaluation.

Must be a minimum of 15 years of age with a parent or guardian consent, or a minimum of 18 years of age without consent



The following dive equipment is required for the IANTD wreck diver course


A dual-outlet cylinder (rental of this cylinder is included during the course)

Proper wing with back plate and harness (single tank adapter)

Adequate thermal protection

2 first and second stages – 1st stages must have a DIN connection

A long hose (length depending on your equipment configuration)

Backup mask

A spool and reel

SMB, 1 orange and recommended 1 yellow

1 main (canister) light with Goodman handle and 1 backup light

Dive computer and or bottom timer

Underwater compass

Wet-notes (for use underwater)

Knife or line cutter


Aquarius dive center prides itself on extremely high standards of safety and as such reserve the right to refuse any equipment deemed not to meet these standards. To be sure that your equipment meets the course requirements we recommend you contact us so we can discuss details in advance. If there is a need for you to buy equipment, you will find most of it in our dive shop, or online 24/7 at our webstore.



IANTD Wreck Diver program content


• Wreck dive theory

• Dive planning

• Equipment configuration

• Line drills and use of line reels (water and land)

• Buoyancy and propulsion techniques

• Use of line markers

• Wreck mapping techniques

• Handling with emergency situations

• Wreck penetration


* Where needed the course progress will be evaluated by using modern UW video techniques.
For the wreck diver IANTD program we are lucky to have the choice of several wrecks, El Penon, El Condesito, El Meridian, etc. The wreck(s) will be chosen according to training purpose, weather and sea conditions, etc.



First day outline


• Course explanation

• Equipment setup

• Confined water session *


The confined water session is a checkup where we evaluate if the participant is ready to continue with the course.

If, after the confined water session, we decide that the participant is not ready to continue, a charge 79 euros will be levied to cover costs of the first day.



How Long Will it Take?

The complete course takes 4 days.



What does the IANTD Wreck Diver course cost?

€ 465  Included Taxes and:


free transfer from hotel to dive center

free transport from dive center to dive site

Wreck diver theory

1 confined water session and 4 open water dives

Rental dual-outlet cylinder inclusive Air fillings

Temporary use of course materials

IANTD Wreck Diver certificate


Additional cost

Extra sessions, or open water dives, may be required to reach the standard. Each extra session costs € 40

The required dive equipment, not included in course costs, must either be brought by student or rented from us. We offer a 50% discount on standard rental price during this course.  Please check with us what is available to rent and, inform  us in advance of requirements .


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* All dives during wreck dive training be made using EANx (Nitrox).

As Advanced EANx diver or equivalent there is the opportunity to make the course with doubles, stage and deco obligation(s). Please discuss with us for clarification

EANx fills, doubles and deco stage(s) are not included in the course price but we offer a 50% discount on the standard rental price during this course.

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iantd wreck diver course tenerife
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