Diving course value

05 mai 2017

With more than 20 years of involvement in dive education we never understood why you should give away a diving course for an extreme low price.

No matter what diving course you offer, from beginner to advanced training it’s still the knowledge, time and expertise of the Instructor “in most of the cases gained over a long period of time” and now brought to the student, what has to be paid.

If a dive center and / or instructor offer a diving course for a extreme cheap price than this offer will reflect on the student, price compromises goes in most of the cases with a sacrifice in quality.

The price for a certain diving course is calculated, think about:


Use of diving equipment

Teaching materials for student and instructor

Certification cost

Instructor fees


Tank fillings, compressor use

Dive center use, etc.


cheap scuba diving course tenerife








Extreme price offers, is it the best choice for you as student?

Except less to pay gives it you as student more profit?

1: A student should expect that he/she will get a lot of time to study and practice. Ask yourself,  if the dive center | instructor is fully booked they should offer extreme discounts?  Cheap is easy compromised with time and even with the fact that they have  non or almost no students, your time to study and practice will be short, time is money!

2: Repeating the knowledge and skills are the keys to success to become a good diver.  You will if they rush with the time?

3: Bad knowledge and skills effect you during your diving activities, wrong behaviors, problems during continuing diving education, safety issues, etc.

4: Instead of enjoying your dive time you are annoyed because you are solving the missing parts what should have been trained during your diving course, no matter what level you are.

5: Extreme price discounts are done because the dive center | instructor has not enough customers, that has a reason, isn’t it?

6: Instead of searching for a cheap price, it should be better to inform about the dive center | instructor what they do, they have activity, they dive, they teach?

7: Does your instructor also dive in his/here  free time, or the nice stories about diving are only told during courses and on social networks and no experience is gained in the field?

8: The price is the price or we have hidden cost, like teaching materials, equipment rent, certification cost, extra lessons etc. Be informed maybe at the end it was not that cheap as what was told.

9: You as a diver should be treated with value. Who wants an instructor who sells himself cheap and drops his own values?

10: Don’t forget, every professional dive center owes a debt of gratitude to there customers and pays an installment every time they serve. They should never miss a payment.


A cheap diving course is exact what it is, a cheap diving course…


Aquarius wish you happy dives and hope this article may help in making the right choices to attend a professional diving course.

Harry Bakker | Aquarius dive center – Tenerife