Cita del Mar wreck

Wreck diving Aquarius Tenerife




Name: Cita Del Mar | Cita en el Mar

Type: Fishing trawler – Tuna

Length: 21.8m

Width: 6.24m

Sinking date:  14-05-1973

Cargo:  Tuna

Built at: Madera 1961

Reason sinking: Problems during a storm after returning from Morocco

Location:  Near Faro de Punta Rasca, Tenerife

Depth: 38m stern – 52m bow


There are 3 different sinking dates but we believe that 14-05-1995 is the most credible.

The wreck lay first at 25m but during a storm in 01-1997 she went down to 38 – 52m

The Cita del Mar lay 90 degrees on port side

Cita Del Mar is a wreck what is not yet included in the WMP – Wrecks Mapping Project, more info about WMP.


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