El Condesito wreck

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Name: El Condesito

Type:  Cargo vessel – 400grt with 375hp steam triple expansion engine, 9 knots

Length:  43.9m

Width:  7.9m

Sinking date:  27-09-1973

Cargo:  Cement what was loaded in Gran Canaria at factory Arguineguin

Built at:  1945, Noroeste Astano, Astileros Y Talleres del Fene

Reason sinking:  Engine problems during a storm

Location:  Near Faro de Punta Rasca, Tenerife

Depth:  9 – 18m and is broken in several parts


There are 3 different sinking dates but we believe that 27-09-1973 is the most credible.

Some stories mention that Condesito sunk because the captain was drunk.

There is also some doubt where Condesito is build, other source say, Navantia Carenas Ferrol – Spain.

El Condesito is a wreck what is not yet included in the WMP – Wrecks Mapping Project, more info about WMP.


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