DC-3 airplane wreck

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Name: DC-3 Spantax EC-ACX

Type: Airplane DC-3 – C47 A

Length:  19.65m

Width: 28.96m wing span

Crash date: 16-09-1966

People: 24 passengers and 3 crew members

Built at: Douglas 75DL – SN: 19410, first flight in 1944 – 1959 to Spantax

Reason crash: Engine problems in the No.1 left

Location: El Sauzal, Tenerife

Depth: 33m – wings, engines and landing gear and part of fuselage are visible


The plane was flying for Iberia and leased from Spantax.

Shortly after take off from Los Rodeos airport and heading for Las Palmas the pilot encounter problems with the left engine and decided to ditch the plane 300m from the shore.

Unfortunately there was 1 victim, the rest of the passengers and crew were rescued.

DC-3 Airplane is a wreck what is not yet included in the WMP – Wrecks Mapping Project, more info about WMP.


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