SS Westburn wreck

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Name: SS Westburn

Type: Cargo vessel – steam

Length:  107.2m


Sinking date: 23-02-1916

Cargo: 3.878 tons of Welsh steam coal

Built at: 31-08-1893 Short Brothers, Sunderland – England, Hull 228

Reason sinking: Scuttled to avoid capturing by Allies

Location: Near playa de Las Gaviotas – Santa Cruz, Tenerife

Depth: 32m broken in several parts, starboard side almost gone


SMS Möwe a privateer working under the orders of German Imperial Navy captured on 09 febr. 1916 the SS Westburn some 530Nm NE from Brazil. The SS Westburn was on route from Liverpool to Buenos Aires, Argentina.

200 prisoners were put from the SMS Möwe to the SS Westburn with direction Santa Cruz, Tenerife, she arrived 22 febr. 1916.

The ship bell of the SS Westburn is now in the Church of St. Andrew the Apostle in San Andres, Tenerife.

SS Westburn is a wreck what is not yet included in the WMP – Wrecks Mapping Project, more info about WMP.


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