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El Penon “The Old Lady”

El Penon

She is rated as one of the best wreck diving locations in Tenerife, truly a dive to remember.

After her service as a harbor tug boat in Santa Cruz (Tenerife’s Capital city), El Penon was scuttled in 2006 to serve as artificial reef. Since her sinking she has flourished and now this “Old Lady” attract divers from all over the world.

Over the years El Penon has become a safe-haven for a wide variety of marine life, making this wreck a perfect site for underwater photographers.

Visibility both inside and outside the deck is excellent. On scuttling the El Penon was prepared for penetration, all hazardous objects and structure were removed, and swim throughs made easily accessible. This makes her not only a beautiful dive that you can explore inside but also safe as purpose sunk and cleared.

The wreck is easy to reach from shore and her keel rests at a depth of 32 meters, perfect for Advanced divers.


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Beside the El Penon Tenerife offers plenty more sites for all levels of wreck diving.

If you would like to dive one of these wreck’s, please contact us to discuss what is on offer. We will work out a plan with you to find the best dive according to your requirements, experience, weather conditions and current’s.

Tenerife is the ultimate location to undertake a wreck diving course. We have more than 2 decades of wreck dive experience, including finding and identifying wreck. One of the wrecks discovered and identified by our dive center was the Russian submarine SC213, Black Sea – Romania. This gives Aquarius wreck diving courses an extra edge and insight.

Read more about the IANTD Wreck dive course.

El Condensito wreck diving tenerife
El Condensito wreck diving tenerife

More information about the wrecks

For more information check the link to the wreck of your choice.

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wreck diving Tenerife
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