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Wrecks Mapping Project


For centuries divers have been attracted to wrecks for various reasons. There is the history of the actual wreck and the unravelling of that history when you see it. Then there is the fact that wrecks become underwater reefs and are home to many species of marine life, flora and fauna. Some people just dive them out of pure curiosity with no specific reason.

Whatever your aim a wreck becomes more interesting if she is mapped. How much better is it to know most of the ins and outs of the structure, the hidden secrets and how the wreck lies, before you dive?

If you want to you can focus your dive on a specific part of the wreck. You may wish to get to a certain point of the wreck to explore, photograph or film it or the marine life.

When a wreck has been mapped you can go straight to your chosen point without wasting bottom time and air. Wrecks are usually multi-level, so you can pick a depth to suit your qualification or air consumption. Knowing the depths enables you to formulate a good dive profile before you enter the water. A good pre-dive briefing will also ensure you are aware of visibility, expected currents and temperature.

Whatever your reason for wreck diving the mapping of it will enhance any dive.


Wrecks Mapping Project Tenerife

As the name indicates this project what is officially sponsored by Scubapro has been set up to document and map the chosen wrecks and all their different facets. Enabling us to give people the best possible information about the wreck before the dive.

The wrecks we focus on are mainly in the South of Tenerife, with one in the West and one in the North/East part of the island.

The first wrecks in the Wrecks Mapping Project are the El Penon and the El Condesito.


Our keywords for these projects are;

• Exploration

• Conservation

• Documentation

• Research

wrecks mapping project el condesito wreck dive tenerife
wrecks mapping project el penon wreck dive tenerife
iantd wreck diver course tenerife
Wrecks mapping project Scubapro

The Wrecks


Wrecks Mapping includes



Length and depth measuring

Detailed drawings

Where possible 3D drawings from exterior and interior

Observing and registering of marine life on, around and inside the wreck

Observing the structural condition of the wreck over an extended period of time

Temperature, current and visibility recording over an extended period of time

We will publish all the information collected on our website to ensure future and already certified wreck dive enthusiasts get the most out of their diving here in Tenerife.

Who is the Wreck Mapping project aimed at?


Our Scubapro S.E.A. diving center has his own team what is active involved but this project is also aimed at individuals, organizations, groups or clubs, who are enthusiastic wreck divers. Their input will be used on our website for use by future and already certified wreck divers.

Your dive will not only be enjoyable and interesting, but you will also have the satisfaction of seeing the result of your information gathering on our website. We are initially mapping “El Penon” and “El Condesito”.

To dive on either of these wrecks you need to have the proper dive experience and qualification level. If you need any more information on requirements, please contact us.

To start your own project, you will need a minimum of 6 divers and all must sign up to do 8 wreck dives with us. You can dive both El Penon and El Condesito.

The dive prices are the same as for “Guided dive Packages“. Check the link for the actual prices.


For the participants we offer

• Logistical support

• Free WMP – (Wrecks Mapping) T-shirt

• Free use of digital photo | video cameras, measuring equipment, slates and wet-notes

• Free use of Scubapro BCD and Regulator set

• And finally, a good time during your stay here in Tenerife!


Please contact us if you are interested in starting your own “Wrecks Mapping Project”.

We welcome you here at Aquarius Dive Center.

Aquarius Wrecks Mapping Project

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