Project AWARE Tenerife

Project AWARE Tenerife

17 november 2018

Project AWARE Tenerife

About the Movement

Project AWARE Foundation is an ever-increasing worldwide movement of scuba divers, who are working to protect the marine environment – one dive at a time.

Over the past two decades of underwater conservation it has become apparent that divers are natural leaders in ocean protection. We are the real life marine heroes with global numbers running into the millions.

We are convinced that, together, our actions will have a huge impact on the underwater environment and can help save the ocean from further damage.
With new programs evolving all the time, and more online resources than ever, Project AWARE supports the unprecedented global movement of divers acting in their own communities, to protect the ocean and implement lasting change.


We are focusing our efforts on two major ocean issues:

Sharks in Danger

Marine Debris, or rubbish in our ocean


Our Blue Planet

It is true that there are many conservation issues affecting the ocean environment right now. We are concentrating on the areas where SCUBA divers are uniquely positioned to help. We believe that in these two areas divers can positively effect real long-term change.

Together we are encouraging new ways of thinking, to understand what is possible and develop a positive vision for our oceans future.
Get ready for the challenge ahead by joining the movement of thousands of divers already committed to protecting our ocean planet. (Project AWARE)

Be AWARE – join the movement

take action

Project AWARE Tenerife stingray
Project AWARE Tenerife shark
Project AWARE Tenerife turtle


Be 100%, be AWARE.


Our basic rules

Protecting the oceans and marine life starts right at home with ourselves, our practices whilst diving and in the environment around where we dive.

We at Aquarius have some basic guidelines for our customers to follow. These apply while we are in or near the water, during every diving course that we teach, starting right from PADI Open Water diver.


Rubbish must end in a bin.

Do not touch or feed marine life.

Be aware where you place your hands and feet whilst in the water.

Ensure good control of your buoyancy and trim throughout the dive.

Avoid touching or holding onto the bottom, walls, plant life etc.

Respect your surroundings always, the reward will be priceless.

Project AWARE Tenerife
Project AWARE Tenerife