Scubapro SEA dive center

Scubapro SEA Dive Center

Scubapro SEA Dive Center

Aquarius dive center is a Scubapro SEA Dive Center, (Scubapro Educational Association) and the first on the Canary Islands.

This means that not only do we provide all our students and divers with this brand of global leading dive equipment, but we also have a duty to ensure our kits are regularly maintained and serviced.

SEA, a new way to dive in the waters around Tenerife. SEA is Scubapro’s international diving club program (Scubapro Education Association). Our dive center is committed in providing pleasurable quality diving experiences and is engaged in a partnership with Scubapro to ensure that our high quality standards are constantly met.

Every dive and every diver is unique. Our Scubapro SEA diving center offer a menu of choices and opportunities accessible to everyone, everywhere, enabling you to learn how to dive or discover new diving spots or to just perfect your already top diving skills. There is something for everyone in a SEA diving program, whether you are a beginner or advanced diver, whether you are alone or in a group, or just want a family vacation where the kids can join you underwater, discovering the underwater beauty of Tenerife together.

The goal of our Scubapro SEA center and devoted staff is that you are completely confident underwater and enjoy each dive, resurfacing with a smile. As a Scubapro SEA center we must fulfill specific safety qualifications, organization and equipment standards set by Scubapro.


Scubapro SEA dive center

In our Scubapro SEA dive center you will find a wide collection Scubapro training and rental equipment for recreational, technical and sidemount diving, serviced annually by our own Scubapro maintenance technicians, in order to maintain our high level of performance for relaxed and enjoyable diving experiences any time of the year.

We have a professional Repair/Maintenance space what is equipped with modern equipment and testing tools. Our staff has more than 24 years of field experience, trained by the dive equipment manufacturers and maintained over more than 1500 regulators. You´re always welcome to bring your dive equipment and let us have a look how we can help.

Scubapro SEA dive center Tenerife

Beside Scubapro SEA Dive Center we are also authorized Scubapro Dealer and Scubapro test center. In the dive center and online webstore you will find a wide collection of Scubapro dive equipment, (school, rental and shop).

As a scubapro test center we have the privilege to be involved in Scubapro´s product development. We did test dives for the Scubapro X Tek wings, Galileo dive computer, Trimix module and Galileo dive computer, HRM Skin temperature – Trimix.

We are very proud to be the first on the Canary Islands who are awarded with the Scubapro SEA recognition what is official given by Scubapro.


Visit us, experience, enjoy and explore Aquarius dive center at its best!

Aquarius – Scubapro SEA Dive Center, committed to excellence!

“Deep Down You Want The Best”

Scubapro S.E.A. Dive Center

Authorized Scubapro Dealer

Scubapro Test Center

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