XTend on Tech

XTend on Tech with Aquarius dive center

Xtend on Tech is a concept from Aquarius dive center what we started in 2009, It will help you in you steps towards technical diving, or it can be used to Xtend yourself as a more highly skilled recreational diver.

Xtend on Tech gives you the opportunity to start from the early beginning your dive training in the direction of technical diving or to do just that extra to become a highly skilled Rec. diver with a Tech. background.

You can start your first course as an IANTD Open Water EANx Diver or if you are already certified (no matter the agency) you just enroll in the course what match with your level.

The training dives are done in the crystal clear waters of Tenerife, Canary Islands. Xtend on Tech is given by the standards of IANTD,

IANTD is a agency that offers training in all aspects of EANx through continuing education programs. It’s also a large scuba and rebreather diving training organization with a wide gamma of courses.

Our concept is simple, to guarantee that you become and evolve as a good Scuba diver we don’t allow any shortcut during our training programs and because our diving expertise include more than  20 years of full-time teaching it will make a difference with our students.

We teach by the book, respecting Scuba agencies procedures and standards to their maximum.

Devotion – time – practice  and  FUN …!

For detailed course descriptions use the links or go to, courses. We offer also 2 Xtended programs given by the standards of PADI,  XTend on Sidemount and XTend on TB – Trim and Buoyancy.

Xtend on Tech covers for the moment the following IANTD courses:

All the mentioned prices about IANTD courses are in Euro and inclusive Taxes. If you have still questions about certain cost please don’t hesitate to contact us. The mentioned prices | content are subject to changes without notice.

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