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The world’s leading diving course agency

PADI – Professional Association of Diving Instructors is the world’s largest recreational diver training organization and was founded in 1966.

PADI diving course qualifications are recognized internationally. Membership figures as of writing put the number of individuals joined with PADI at over 137,000 and the number of affiliated dive centers at 6,600. Since its formation PADI has awarded more than 27 million scuba diving certifications world-wide.

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PADI 5 star IDC and TecRec dive center

Here, at our 5 star IDC center, all the PADI diving courses are performance based diver training programs. Right from the basic introductory level we emphasize practical knowledge, safety and practical skills.

The PADI training system is comprised of different modules, with standardized learning objectives, divided up into theory and practical skills development. Each module is a stand-alone PADI diving course for which certification is provided to the diver on successful completion of the course.

In keeping with changes in diving practices, our PADI TecRec dive center do also diving courses that extend the range of diving beyond the recreational no planned decompression stop diving. E.G. diving beyond 40 meters, use of staged decompression, diving in an overhead environment beyond 40 linear meters, use of accelerated decompression techniques or use variable gas mixtures during a dive.

In 2019 PADI proudly accepted the Tauchen award for Best Training Agency at the Dusseldorf Boot show in a ceremony known as “the Oscars of Diving” It is the 21th time PADI has won this. No other agency has won it.


Recreational and technical courses

PADI diving courses cover a variety of different areas; like PADI Open water diver, advanced diver certifications such as PADI Advanced open water diver. Specialized diving skills courses, usually connected with specific equipment or conditions, such as Dry-suit Diver, Cavern Diver. Specific diving related informational courses such as Equipment Specialist. A range of recreational diving instructor certifications.

PADI TecRec offer various technical diving courses. PADI’s sister company Emergency First Response Corp provides first aid and CPR programs such as the Emergency First Responce – EFR course.

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Phone: +34 645 57 29 37 , or for more detailed PADI diving course descriptions use the links on page.

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