PADI Sidemount diver

Having scuba cylinders on your back isn’t the only way of exploring the underwater world. Many divers have discovered the benefits of mounting cylinders on their sides with the PADI Sidemount diver course.

Sidemount diving is becoming increasingly popular amongst recreational scuba divers.

Requirements for Sidemount diver

  • You must be, minimum age of 15 years.
  • Certified as a PADI Open water diver or equivalent.
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Sidemount diver

  • -
  • 2 days
  • Theory
  • 1 confined dive
  • 3 open water dives
  • Min. Open water diver
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padi sidemount diver course scubapro tenerife

padi sidemount diver course scubapro tenerife

padi sidemount diver course scubapro tenerife

PADI Sidemount diver program

In the theory session you will learn in detail about the many benefits and correct methods, of diving with a sidemount configuration.

There is 1 confined and 3 open water sidemount dives where you will learn how to:

Properly assemble and configure sidemount scuba diving equipment.

Trim your weight system and sidemount gear so you’re perfectly balanced in the water.

Manage your gas supply by switching second stages as planned, if wearing two cylinders.

Respond correctly to potential problems when sidemount diving.

padi sidemount diver course scubapro tenerife

How long will it take?

The complete course takes 2 days.

What does the PADI Sidemount diver cost?

€ 287* Included Taxes and:
  • Free transport from the dive center to dive site.
  • Theory
  • 1 confined water dive
  • 3 dives
  • Temporary use of course materials
  • Sidemount equipment rental
  • Scubapro dive equipment rental
  • Cylinder refills during the course.
  • Sidemount diver certificate

* The price of € 287 is only valid when you use our online booking. Standard Sidemount diver price is 319 euro.

It is mandatory to have the PADI Sidemount diver manual what is not included in the course price. If you book the Sidemount course you can buy this manual in our web store for the special price of 10 euro.

Ready for a change to PADI Sidemount diver? Book your sidemount course now or enroll in our Xtend on Sidemount Internship option.

An ideal course to combine with Sidemount, would be our Xtend on TB Trim and Buoyancy, if you choose this option and you book it online we offer the Sidemount course for 269 euro, excl. sidemount manual.

If you need our pick-up service, please contact us about the possibilities.

Sidemount diver – what will I need?

All you need is your dive certificate, logbook and dive insurance.


Extra note!

Although it is rooted in cave diving, plenty of open water divers are switching to sidemount configurations because of the following benefits

Almost the same freedom of movement and mobility as a freediver.

Increased comfort, especially for those with back issues.

No need to carry the cylinder(s) on your back whilst walking to the dive site.

You are more streamlined in the water, this helps in improving buoyancy control.

The sidemount configuration provides you with easier access to your valve(s), 1st stage(s), manometer(s) and alternate air source in event of an emergency.

With 2 cylinders you have more redundant gas, in case of emergency. More gas supply to plan your dive profile with. Because of this, and the fact you are more streamlined, you will endure less stress and be able to do longer dives.


What will your next adventure be?

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padi sidemount diver course scubapro tenerife

padi sidemount diver course scubapro tenerife

padi sidemount diver course scubapro tenerife

padi sidemount diver course scubapro tenerife

padi sidemount diver course tenerife

PADI Master and Tec sidemount instructor Harry Bakker preparing for an Ice dive in sidemount configuration at minus 19°C and 1400m altitude in the Carpathian mountains, Romania.
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