Rescue diver course

Challenging and rewarding best describe the PADI Rescue diver course.

As a diver there is always a possibility that something happens. Handling with medical problems is slightly different from acting in other situations.

Effective acting is a part of your Rescue diver course, but more important is that you learn about prevention.

Requirements for PADI Rescue diver

  • You must be, minimum age of 12 years.
  • Certified as a PADI Adventure diver or equivalent.
  • Be trained and current for First aid and CPR within the previous two years. If you are not certified for this we include also the EFR – Emergency First Response training in the Rescue diver course.
449 / Rescue + EFR

Rescue diver

  • eLearning
  • Open water sessions
  • 48 hours- free cancellation*
  • 10% off when you book online
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rescue diver tenerife

Rescue diver program

In the Rescue eLearning there are subjects as: self rescue, stress, equipment considerations, first aid and management of emergency situations. The eLearning will be finished with an exam.

5 open water sessions were you will train how to handle with a diver who has problems at the surface, (both rational and in panic), an unconscious diver, bringing an unconscious diver to the surface, how to handle with a missing diver, reanimate a diver in the water etc.

At the end we have at least 2 scenario’s in which you show how to handle when something happen.

How long will it take?

If you are already trained and current for First aid and CPR you can follow the 2 day Rescue diver course otherwise you need the 3 day course what include the EFR – Emergency First Response training.

What does the Rescue diver incl. EFR cost?

€ 449 Included Taxes and:
  • Open water sessions
  • elearning
  • Rescue diver certification
  • EFR – Emergency First Response certification

* The price of € 449 is only valid when you use our online booking. Standard Rescue incl. EFR is 499 euro.


The PADI Rescue diver excl. EFR,  € 359  online booking. Included Taxes and:

Al the above mentioned exclusive the EFR – Emergency First Response day, manual and EFR certificate.

The price of € 359 is only valid when you use our online booking. Standard Rescue excl. EFR is 399 euro.

Rescue diver – what will I need?

All you need is your swimsuit, towel, Adventure diver or Advanced certificate, logbook, dive insurance.

The use of Scubapro dive equipment is included in the course price.


Extra note!

1. * eLearning fees are non-refundable in case of cancellation.

2. If you need our pick-up service, please contact us about the possibilities.

3. Flying After Diving guidelines say divers should not ascend to a high altitude after single no-decompression dives, a minimum pre-flight surface interval of 12 hours is suggested. Whenever possible, wait 24 hours.


What will your next adventure be?

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rescue diver tenerife

rescue diver tenerife

rescue diver tenerife

rescue diver tenerife

rescue diver tenerife

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