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Discover the beautiful underwater world of Tenerife!

Shore and boat diving

Aquarius Tenerife offer diving every day. The sites are accessed either by boat or from the shore. Here you will find crystal clear warm water all year round.

There are a wide variety of sites offering a range of different diving. The volcanic structure of the Island lends itself to spectacular caverns, walls, reefs, swim throughs and drop off’s. We also have a range of wrecks for diving.


Meet Our Locals

Tenerife boasts an abundance of marine life, Shoals of Roncadores, Trumpet fish, rays, Angel Sharks, Turtles, Cuttlefish, Wrasse, Sea horses, Moray Eels, Arrowhead Crabs, Nudibranchs, Jewel anemones, Shrimps, Starfish and Scorpion Fish, to name just a few.

The clear visibility, due to volcanic sea bed, makes spotting these easy. Imagine the joy at finding a Sea Horse. The grace of a Ray undulating through the water. Capturing a tiny colourful Nudibranch on camera. We are proud of the diving we offer here in Tenerife!


You dive always with a guide

We work in small groups to make your diving stress free and safer. Limiting the number of divers per group means we can give each diver our utmost attention, thus give you a more relaxing stress-free dive.

Our professionally trained staff are very knowledgeable and here to help you with whatever questions or requirements you may have. We take pride in providing top quality customer service.

Dive sites Tenerife

Tenerife has many stunning dive sites so, no matter if you are a novice or experienced diver, there is always something to suit you. The variety and abundance of marine life, plus the beautiful underwater geology,will leave you wanting to explore more and more.

We chose our sites on the day to suit the diver’s qualifications and the meteorological conditions. Being a small Island means we can easily adapt our diving if the weather or sea state dictates.

Diving Tenerife

Water temperatures in the summer period reach 24 degrees and, in the winter, remain at around 19 degrees.

The visibility ranges from 10 to 30+ metres, with an average of over 20 metres.

Diving Tenerife is all year round. The South of the island is less affected by the weather than the North. If the wind or current is not favourable at one dive site, we can simply choose another location.

Check our Frequently Asked Questions page if you need more information about diving with us in Tenerife.

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