Snorkeling Tenerife

The calm clear waters of Southern Tenerife make it an ideal location to experience snorkeling.

Being easy and suitable for all ages, snorkeling is the alternative to scuba diving, as long as you are comfortable in the sea this is a great way to see the underwater world without having to put on full SCUBA gear.

You will be guided by one of our snorkel guides to enable you to explore the marine environment safely and enjoyably.

You can expect to see some beautiful volcanic scenery, a wide variety of life such as fauna, fish and other underwater inhabitants. Our guides will point things out to you and steer you to the best places.

This is a perfect way to bring all the family together with an enjoyable and educational experience. Each trip will take roughly 3 hours.

We will give you a short briefing on the use of snorkel equipment and the underwater environment, plus safety procedures.

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  • ± 3 hours
  • short briefing
  • 50 min snorkeling
  • Min. age 10 years
  • Non-certified divers
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snorkeling tenerife

snorkeling tenerife

snorkeling tenerife octopus

Snorkeling Tenerife program

If needed we can pick you up from your hotel and bring you to our dive center in El Fraile, which is a small distance away from Las Galletas in the south of Tenerife. If you need our pick-up service, please contact us about the possibilities.

While we are sorting out your snorkeling equipment, you can relax and have a coffee or tea at our center.

After packing we will go to the chosen snorkel location. Here you will receive a short explanation on the basic techniques of snorkeling and familiarization of the snorkel equipment you will use.

Under the guidance of one of our staff members you will prepare your snorkel equipment.

Then you will have an 50 minutes snorkeling, with one of our professional guides. This gives you plenty of time to enjoy the fascinating underwater world here in Tenerife and see some of the colourful life we have here, “our locals” as we like to call them.

snorkeling tenerife turtle

To participate in Snorkeling trips, you must be:

  • Minimum age of 10 years.
  • This Snorkeling Tenerife experience is suitable for non-certified divers and divers alike.

There must be at least 2 participants on each snorkeling trip, if there are not 2 of you then we may be able to fit you in if others are going, just ask us.


How long will it take?

From pick up to return usually takes about 3 hours in total.

What does the snorkeling trip cost?

€ 39 Included Taxes and:
  • Free transport from dive center to the snorkel site
  • Briefing to get you familiar with the basic techniques of snorkeling
  • 50 minutes snorkeling
  • Snorkel from shore or boat
  • Scubapro snorkel equipment rental

* There must be a minimum of 2 participants for a trip.

If you need our pick-up service, please contact us about the possibilities.

Snorkeling Tenerife – what will I need?

All you need is your swimsuit and a towel, we have shower facilities at the dive center should you need them.

What will your next adventure be?

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After snorkeling you may find that you wish to discover more about the underwater world. We offer a full ranges of beginner dive courses that are the natural progression from snorkeling.

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snorkeling in tenerife

snorkeling in tenerife

snorkeling tenerife

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