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With just a few hours of flying from major cities in Europe, Tenerife is rated as one of the best diving areas for diving all year round. And specifically the South of Tenerife where there are tens of varied diving locations.

The dive site depth ranges from 6 to 60+ meters making diving in Tenerife enjoyable for all levels of divers. While most dives have an average depth of 16 meters, some dive sites are perfect for deeper exploration.

Corresponding to the suitable dive certificate and depth we have the option to make the dives on air, nitrox or trimix.

A fantastic addition to the island’s dive options are the wrecks El penon, El Condesito and the Meridian.

There’s a good chance you’ll be lucky and see black coral during your stay if you dive some of the deeper sites. The water averages a temperature of 22 degrees with mild or no currents.

Due to the abundance of marine life the beautiful volcanic surrounding, calm and clear water the South of Tenerife, has become the major dive destination on the island.

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