PADI course prices

Most prices shown are with the 10% discount, only valid if you book online.

Non-certified diver

PADI course Info   |   Price
Snorkeling more info    39 euro
Bubblemaker more info    53 euro
Discover scuba diving more info    51 euro
Scuba diver more info    279 euro
Scuba diver upgrade more info    279 euro
Open water diver more info    399 euro
Open water diver referral more info    279 euro

Certified diver

PADI course Info   |   Price
Adventure diver more info    215 euro
Advanced diver more info    299 euro
Rescue diver more info    346 euro
Rescue incl. EFR more info    436 euro
EFR more info    112 euro
Divemaster more info    699 euro
Assistant instructor more info    450 euro
ReActivate program more info    76 euro
  • 48 hours- free cancellation*

Terms and conditions, PADI courses

  • There are no hidden extras in our PADI course prices.
  • The price of most of the courses includes study manual and certification fee.
  • Our PADI course prices include free transfer to dive sites. If you need our pick-up service, please contact us about the possibilities.
  • Because of our commitment to quality, some of our programs take longer than the PADI course standard. We believe that by spending a little extra time on the courses, we can obtain higher standards. That, in the long run, makes you a better diver!
  • For detailed course information such as; prerequisites, program content, additional costs, etc. go to the specific course of your choice.
  • You will find in these course details, the number of theory sessions, number of confined water sessions and number of open water dives. For every extra session and/or dive on top of those outlined we charge 40 euro extra.
  • To participate in our courses, you will be required to fill a Statement of Risk and Liability form, Standard Safe Diving Practices Statement of Understanding form and a Medical Statement confirming that you have no medical condition which would prevent you from diving. If you do have such a condition, then a medical certificate signed by a doctor will be required.
  • The eLearning prices are fixed fees that must be paid for the eLearning part of the course. To complete the course please check under more info to find out the extra cost you must pay at our dive center.
  • All the diving course prices mentioned on this page/website are in Euros and inclusive of taxes.
  • The quoted diving course prices and course content are subject to changes without notice.
  • Please contact us for available starting dates, or if you have any further questions on anything that is not clear.


Deposit policy

A deposit is required in order to confirm any PADI course booking with Aquarius dive center, Tenerife. For PADI courses € 60 deposit is required, the balance of total cost is to be made at time of participation.

* If the student/participant chooses to complete the theory part of the course, using PADI eLearning, there will be an registration fee of € 110. This fee is needed prior to sending of eLearning materials, exception is the Divemaster registration fee which is € 195. Nitrox is € 149, there are no further additional cost for the Nitrox eLearning. The registration fee is not refundable and the balance of the total cost is to be made at time of participation.


Payments methods available

  • In person at Dive center, credit-card or cash.
  • From overseas, bank transfer, credit-card or PayPal.


Cancellation and refund policy

  • 100% deposit refund is given if cancellation is 48 hours or more prior to the start time of your activity.
  • Less than 48 hours’ notice of cancellation your deposit is not refundable. This is to cover administration costs.

PADI specialties

PADI specialty Info   |   Price
XTend on TB Trim and Buoyancy more info    328 euro
Nitrox diver more info    149 euro
Wreck diver more info    215 euro
Sidemount diver more info    287 euro
Deep diver more info    287 euro
DSMB diver more info    149 euro
Oxygen provider more info    112 euro
Compressor handling more info    149 euro
Underwater navigator more info    211 euro
Search and recovery more info    287 euro
Equipment specialist more info    149 euro
Underwater naturalist more info    199 euro
Night diver more info    269 euro
Digital uw photographer more info    199 euro
Dry suit diver more info    179 euro
Peak performance buoyancy more info    166 euro

PADI eLearning registration fee

PADI eLearning Info   |   Price
Open water diver more info    110 euro
Advanced diver more info    110 euro
Rescue diver more info    110 euro
Divemaster more info    195 euro
Nitrox diver more info    149 euro
Digital uw photographer more info    110 euro
Dive theory more info    110 euro

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