Scubapro S-Tek

Scubapro has launched the long-awaited new S-TEK line. With smart and well-thought-out designs, Scubapro has taken completely new directions.

With the new S-Tek Pure and Pro system, the backplates and wings have been completely reinvented compared to the classic backplates and wings nowadays on the market! In addition to the shape of the new backplate, every hole and slot is where it should be.

The Scubapro S-tek line is completed with specially designed accessories for all your technical diving needs. The range is uniform, both in style and in color combinations.


Product development

As a dive center we did and do test diving for Scubapro and we are very proud that we had the opportunity to test also the new wing system and that we could make a small contribution to the S-Tek product development.


Scubapro Demo center

Here at Aquarius dive center, we are proud to be the first Scubapro demo center at the Canary Islands. As a demo center we can give you the possibility that you can try several Scubapro products before you buy.

If you like to use this opportunity than you need to contact us regarding the details and rules.

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Scubapro S-Tek video’s

S-Tek Introduction

S-Tek Backplates

S-Tek Pure Tek Harness

S-Tek Pro Tek Harness

S-Tek Harnesses

S-Tek Wings

S-Tek Single Tank Adapter

S-Tek Expedition Reel

S-Tek Spinner Spool

S-Tek Colour Kits

S-Tek Bolt Snaps

S-Tek Cargo Expedition Pocket

S-Tek Integrated Weight System

S-Tek Trim Weights

S-Tek Stage Tank Kits

S-Tek Line markers

S-Tek Regulator Necklace

S-Tek Aquarius Dive Center

Scubapro S-Tek Tenerife

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