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IANTD Adv Rec Trimix




IANTD Advanced Rec Trimix

The Advanced Rec Trimix program employs EANx mixes from 21% oxygen to a maximum of 1.5 PO2 combined with a Helium content that maintains an END no greater than 24 m. The diver will be qualified to dive to 48 m and perform decompression stops required dives up to 15 minutes.


Requirements for Advanced Rec Trimix
  • Must be IANTD Nitrox diver  and IANTD Deep diver qualified or equivalent.
  • Proof of a minimum of 30 logged dives or sufficient experience to satisfy the instructor that the student has the ability and knowledge to continue into this level of training.
  • Must be able to demonstrate proper buoyancy and trim.
  • Minimum of 15 years of age for diver qualification with a parent or guardian authorization, OR; 18 years of age without consent.


  • Price is without dive equipment rental but we offer a 50% discount on the rental price during this course.


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IANTD Advanced Rec Trimix



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