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Discover scuba diving experience

Have you been wondering what it’s like to breathe underwater ?

Discover scuba diving or sometimes called a “try dive” experience is a great way to find out what scuba diving is really like before you take the full scuba certification (Open water diver course).

With one of our professionals, you will have an explanation about what you’re likely to see, go through a thorough safety briefing and he or she will demonstrate how the dive equipment all works.

After that we move to a shallow reef site, gear up and enter the water for your first experience of breathing underwater. You will do some basic skills to get comfortable with breathing and the necessary dive equipment. Once you are comfortable we take you for a mesmerizing tour of the underwater marine life from south Tenerife.

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discover scuba diving tenerife

Discover Scuba FAQ’s

What is Discover scuba diving like?

In our Discover scuba diving experience you will learn some safety rules and in the water a few basic skills. Further you experience what wearing scuba equipment feels like and how easy it is to move around underwater while wearing it. All this will carry over to your full scuba certification, open water diver course.

What are the requirements for Discover scuba diving?

You must have a minimum age of 10 years, be comfortable in the water and the Discover scuba diving program is for Non-certified divers.

How long takes the Discover scuba diving experience?

The complete Discover scuba diving program takes approximately 4 hours.

What is the maximum depth during Discover scuba diving?

In Confined Water the maximum depth is 6 meter/20 feet and in Open Water is 12 meter/40 feet.

Am I a certified diver after a PADI Discover scuba diving experience?

PADI Discover scuba diving is not a scuba diving course so you will not be certified as a diver. After completion you can book inside a time frame of 14 days with the same PADI dive center/ instructor more dives without the need to do a DSD experience again.

Is south Tenerife suitable for Discover scuba diving?

Because of the abundance of marine life, the beautiful volcanic surrounding, calm and clear warm water the south of Tenerife is excellent and very suitable for doing a Discover scuba diving experience.

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