Clubs and Schools- Training and specialized diving opportunity Tenerife

Clubs and Schools

10 February 2019

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cheap flights to tenerife

Cheap flights to Tenerife

22 November 2018

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Diving in Tenerife

04 February 2018

 Scufundari in Tenerife Situata la aprox. 300 km de Africa de vest si la doar la cateva ore de zbor de Europa continentala se afla frumosul grup de insule, Insulele Canare. Tenerife este cea mai mare insula dintre Insulele Canare,...

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Vacation Tenerife

21 September 2017

Vacation Tenerife Tenerife is a part of the Canary Islands and from the 7 islands it’s the most popular, about 5 million tourists visit each year for a vacation Tenerife. In the Teide National Park what is in the...

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Aquarius Dive Center Tenerife