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Training and specialized diving opportunity 

Aquarius dive center offer excellent facilities for clubs and schools to bring groups of a few like minded people, wanting to do a certain type of diving or training. I am a BSAC AI and have dived with Aquarius on 2 occasions. I was very impressed with the facilities they have, their standard of diving and diving knowledge.

Having been in the Black Sea for some time, Harry and Doina are used to dry suit diving, low visibility diving, technical diving, wreck location and mapping, safety dive cover etc. Their diving experience and knowledge fits very easily in with the UK style of diving/training.

Aquarius have theory training facilities which they are more than happy to let clubs and schools, from other dive organizations use for their members and or students as part of a package. As a Scubapro S.E.A. and Scubapro Demo center they have Scubapro dive equipment  for recreational, technical and sidemount available for rent.

The climate

The climate in Tenerife and the underwater visibility make it an ideal place to carry out training. You can concentrate on the job in hand without having to worry about underwater visibility, diving conditions and all sites being blown out.

There are adequate shore sites where you can carry out rescue training and shore entry dives. They dive from RIB’s, again like many dive clubs in UK, and will offer various services like boat cover and if needed in water safety cover, to name just a couple.

Technical diving

Harry and Doina have experience in technical diving and they run a course call Xtend on tech, which bridges the gap between recreational and technical diver. They also run other technical diving courses and train to a very high standard.

If your club has a specific interest such as wreck mapping, photography, technical diving etc this could be a great way to start a particular project.

A lot of countries are affected by weather and have a very definite “diving season”. Traditionally people want to qualify to dive so they can dive in the summer, putting the pressure to get in open water in the colder months. A club trip to Tenerife can provide warm up dives for the qualified diver, for the season ahead, and training opportunities for the members just learning, in pleasant conditions. It is also a great place for a club holiday including the families.

This is an amazing facility and Harry and Doina are keen to link up with as many divers as possible. Please contact them to find out more and discuss your requirements.

Jude Lenderyou, BSAC AI.

An impression…

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