IANTD course prices

From Open water nitrox till Advanced rec. Trimix diver

IANTD courses

IANTD course Info   |   Price
Open water nitrox more info    825 euro
Advanced diver more info    599 euro
Rescue diver more info    660 euro
Nitrox diver more info    449 euro
Wreck diver more info    690 euro
Deep diver more info    579 euro

IANTD courses

IANTD course Info   |   Price
Self-sufficient diver more info    625 euro
Dive master more info    1299 euro
Adv. nitrox supervisor more info    1399 euro
Advanced nitrox diver more info    779 euro
Advanced rec Trimix more info    879 euro
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Terms and conditions, IANTD courses

  • There are no hidden extras in our IANTD course prices.
  • The prices of most courses include manual and course certification fee.
  • The IANTD course price includes free transfer to dive sites. If you need our pick-up service, please contact us about the possibilities.
  • For detailed course information such as, prerequisites, program content, additional costs, etc. please go to the specific course of choice.
  • Information for the courses details how many theory sessions, confined water sessions and open water dives are included. For every extra session and/or dive we charge 45 euros extra.
  • To participate in our courses, you will be required to fill out, a Statement of Risk and Liability form, Standard Safe Diving Practices Statement of Understanding form and a Medical Statement form stating that you have no medical condition which would prevent you from diving, here at the dive center. If you do have a medical condition, then a medical certificate signed by a doctor will be required.
  • All the mentioned IAND course prices on this page/website are quoted in Euros and inclusive of Taxes.
  • All prices and course content are subject to change without notice.
  • Please contact us for available starting dates, or if you have any further questions on anything not covered here.
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