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SC-213 submarine no longer on patrol

The SC-213 submarine was discovered by divers from Aquarius dive center on 15 November 2008 in the Black Sea at about 12Nm from Constanta, Romania. The wreck of the SC-213 submarine was never visited by any other divers after she sunk in October 1942.

After the first dive it was sure that we found a Russian submarine from the SC, Schuka class.

According the available information we had 3 candidates, SC-206, SC-208 and the SC-213 submarine. The evidence what we found during the dives indicated with 100% that this submarine was from a X type so it could not be the SC-206.


With the help of a Russian Submarine historian (Mr. Miroslav) and direct access to Russian archives, numerous dives on the wreck and comparing all the available data in August 2010 divers from Aquarius dive center were finally in the position to announce the discovery and identification of a Submarine from the Second World War from Russian origin in the Constanta area (Black Sea).

According our 2 years of investigation the Submarine was identified as the SC-213 submarine.

During our wreck research, no penetrations were made out of respect for those sailors who lost their lives.

The wreck of the SC-213 submarine lay at a maximum depth of 31 meters and list a 30 degrees to starboard side. There is damage in the conning tower area what is caused by a mine from minefield S7.

A brief overview

SC-213 submarine a X type from the Schuka class with a crew of 43 sailors including commander Isaev Nikolaij Vasil left on 28.9.1942 at 00.01h the harbor Batumi, Georgia to go in position № 45 for here 6th war patrol. No contact was made after her departure and was considered to be lost between 01.10. 1942 / 14.10.1942. The SC-213 submarine shows clear damage from a mine explosion what confirmed the thought of loss, back in 1942.


SC-213 submarine became famous because she was claimed to be the submarine what torpedoed on here 4th patrol the under Panama flag sailing motor vessel STRUMA. The STRUMA was transporting Jewish refugees from Constanta, Romania to Palestine.

STRUMA was torpedoed on the 24th of February 1942 killing a estimated 764 refugees including a 120 children (other sources mention about 767 refugees and 10 crew members). Only one person survived, Mr. David Stoliar | Mr. David Stoliar – short movie

The last years several attempts by relatives and famous international divers were made to localize the STRUMA what sunk in the Bosporus, Black Sea. Till now without a 100% positive result.

Disclosure project

The identification of the SC-213 was announced on 23 August 2010 by Aquarius dive center to the Romanian authorities and representatives of the Russian Federation in Romania.

The Romanian national TV made a small story based on the SC-213 submarine identification, huge thanks to Mr. Adalin Petrisor for realizing this!

The announcement of the discovery and identification of SC-213 submarine became news over Europe and was on 1 single day the 2nd most viewed news on “Euro news channel“.

In the summer of 2015, Aquarius dive center organized the SC-213 submarine disclosure project. During this project we had a team of international divers and sponsored by Scubapro and the Dutch diving magazine – Duiken, our sincere thanks for this!

At the end of the project we dove for the first time another Russian submarine from the M class (Malyutka). We strongly believe that this submarine is the M-58 what went lost on October 1941 during her 6th combat mission, all hands lost. Further research must proof if we are right.

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